High calibre commercials are the gold standard for organisations wishing to stand out and communicate their message to a wider audience.

The average viewer today is more discerning than ever before because of the sheer amount of high production quality commercials that they see daily on TV, Social Media, Cinemas etc. In order to even get an audience’s attention, commercials today must meet a certain standard of production. We are experienced in producing content that requires cinema grade equipment and specialised crew to create broadcast quality commercials. 

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How much does a commercial cost?

Have you heard about the remarkable diversity in string lengths? We have done small scale, 30 second corporate videos that cost a couple hundred dollarydoos, and we have done 30 second TV commercials that cost much much more. The real question is about how much value can we squeeze from each budget to get the maximum value and most importantly, achieve the aims of the product. It is all well and good to have a flashy corporate video or high intensity music video, but if the intention was a heartfelt clip about someone in your organisation that has gone above and beyond in their role, then the point is lost. 

How long does the Film and Video process take?

How long is a piece of string? We have had event Videography jobs that had a one day turnaround from shooting in the morning to delivering the final edit that evening, we have also done longer form projects such as documentaries and large scale marketing campaigns that took the better part of the year from the first meeting to the premiere. We are always willing to spend however much time it takes to create the perfect video. 

Aren’t commercials just for TV?

Yes and No, when we refer to TVCs (Television Commericals) that is shorthand for high quality, top tier production value video content. Youtube, Facebook, ondemand, iview etc have not replaced traditional TV advertising but they still demand the same high quality content. The modern viewer in Brisbane has quite frankly become spoiled, they are bombarded with top tier commercials and that has become the standard. To see an ‘average’ video inbetween two TVC commercials stands out, in the same way a Toyota Highlander between a Ferrari and Porsche stands out, not that there is anything wrong with a Highlander, but by comparison it is visible. That is why producing high quality commercial content is so important in today’s saturated market. 

What kind of equipment do you use?

We only use industry-standard Film and TV equipment but each job is different. Simple social media corporate videos can get away with just using a DSLR and solo operator, larger TVCs and Commercials require crews of camera and lighting assists, sound recordists in addition to a director and producer along with the top tier camera and lighting equipment that would you expect to see on a Hollywood production.